Istituto Superiore Mario Boella
Innovation Development

Via P. Carlo Boggio, 61
10138 Turin, Italy
p: +39 011 2276244

My research interests are in the area of Natural Language Processing and Semantic Web applied to textual documents, where I explore the use of Machine Learning algorithms for disambiguating atomic information to web resources. The Web has revealed its strengths as a mine of real world objects, differently named entities. Such entities have origins from encyclopedic sources, built upon crowd base consensus. These entities provide ideal endpoints for the disambiguation process and they can be exploited for learning models used by machine learning algorithms to better define prediction models. I am interested in exploring the role of entities in natural language text either in canonical journalistic style text, or in informal text such as tweets and, generally speaking, microposts.

I am Researcher and Senior Data Scientist at the Innovation Development area of ISMB. I obtained my Ph.D. from the Politecnico di Torino where I defended my dissertation about the topic of "Knowlege Extraction from Unstructured Data and the Classification Through Distributed Ontologies" as joint collaboration between Politecnico di Torino and EURECOM. In EURECOM I've spent 5 years of engaging and exciting research as visiting PhD Student, Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Associate and Permanent Research Fellow. In beetween I spent 1-year collaboration with the University of Turin. I've participated in numerous National and European projects, and International benchmark. I am the main architect and lead developer of the NERD framework and active contributor of the 3cixty Knowledge Base.

A detailed lists of appointments held till mid 2016 are available in my resume .

I'm involved in 3cixty (EIT Digital, No. 14523), where we are exploring new opportunities to enable city visitors to exploit transportation, business, cultural, and tourist point of interests offered by a city in a more personally and environmentally way, and in FREME (H2020, No 644771) where we are turning multilingual and semantic technologies to be ready for their integration in real life business cases in innovative way.

I am also involved in the LinkedTV project (EU FP7, GA 287911) an integrated and practical approach towards experiencing Networked Media in the Future Internet, where my duties are related to the Entity extraction. Previously I collaborated to ATMS (map annotations based on social media data), OpenSem and to EventMedia.